aK: Mom can I have a fruit snack?

Mom: sure

aK: yess!

aK leaves, gets a fruit snacks and situates his content self on the glider chair.

Arty then looks at aK, then looks at me, then looks at aK again.

Arty crawls to aK, begins to scratch his leg like a cat playing with a string.

aK thinks it would be smarter of him, to get up and start jumping.

Arty looks at him, waits for him to stop.

aK puts a gummy in his mouth, as he watches television.

Arty then, crawls to aK, and pulls his shorts down.

aK being the dramatic child that he is, screams and falls on the floor, dropping his gummies.

Arty quickly picks up two gummies that she saw fall out of the package, and proceeds to shove both of them in her mouth without any second thoughts.

This my people is, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

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