Who’s gonna drive you home

Today I started my in-car lessons..I spent an hour on the roads of windsor, to prepare for my G2 test. I woke up pretty early today, nervous to be in the car with a different person. Since I got my G1 license, I’ve only practiced in the car with J.  

Being in the car with a totally different person was different and a little nerve racking. Especially when you don’t know the vehicle all too well. The ‘lady driver’ took me around my neighbourhood to get the feel for the car. So that was good. Then we proceeded on to Dougall, the main road by our house. It was all good until I had to stop. The breaks on her car was exceptional. It stopped at a light touch. So breaking was a bit new for me, with her car.

At 28, you’d think I should have already achieved my license to drive, unfortunately I’ve been consumed with motherhood and I’ve paid no attention to any other achievements for myself. 

While I thought this one hour lesson would seem forever, it happened and ended quickly. An hour, poof, done! 

Today I learned that parallel parking isn’t too bad (but I have to do it a little faster). I learned reverse parking, and that went well too. She took me around one of the areas where they do one of the tests, and tomorrow we’ll venture into the other area filled with one-way streets. 😩 I hope I don’t suck at that. 

I feel rather accomplished, I said I’d get my G2 stuff going in July, and I’m doing just that. Next is 3 more hours of practice, then I’ll set a date for my test. Hopefully I get my G2. Cross your fingers for me, and pray to the gods I do get this because windsor means, DRIVE! 


xo, MM