All peas no pods

I have risen from the dead! 

I know I’ve disappeared from the social world of blogging. I don’t know if my reasons would be good enough to be deemed acceptable, but it has been a crazy few months and hopefully that allows me some brownie points..brownies would probably help my emotional eating disorder at the moment. 

First off, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! 

Second, I have yet to figure out if I have any resolutions for this year. I have yet to dwell in how my 2016 came and left. I feel stuck in a space of time, floating into some abyss, unconscious of when or how I’ll brush off this funk. 

Second and a half, sorry this is such a bummy post.

Third, I realize that past overwhealmed is, blah! 

Fourth, I have lost connection with giving this blog life and I feel sometime soon, we must part. 

I’ll try to find some line of words to share with you to express how absolutely invisible I’ve been feeling and how every chip at me has actually felt like chunks. Some time soon, ill get ya something.