What makes you so great? 

I have been a mom of three just in the last two years..i was a mom of one for the last seven years. Since I had the second child, I’ve told myself its not THAT hard. It has its ups and downs and certainly double the work. But adding on another child, I still kept telling myself it’s not THAT hard, just tripple the work. I would tell others its not always hard..but what I realized is this..

IT IS SUPER HARD! What seemed to have been easy before the middle one began walking, talking, and getting into things is now harder than ever. Managing a half toddler, and a baby who is now crawling and picking up every little thing is hard! But what makes it even harder is the pressure. The fine line between social expectations of you as a mom and your idea of a perfect mother for your children just down right makes you wanna lose your mind.

Why is our definition of a good mother, someone else’s definition? Why is being a perfect mother for yourself have to he so demanding? Why couldn’t you just freely live as a person who is you first then a mother? 

There is too much high expectations at stake for the definition of the ideal mother that it takes away from keeping yourself sane and grounded. How I mother my children should be how I AM LEARNING TO MOTHER MY CHILDREN ACCORDINGLY. 

Im far behind in social ideals of motherhood. I probably would fall under, ‘half-assed & terrible’ mother if there was a scale to measure motherhood. 

Here’s my two cent for all the hard working moms trying to find a break. 

You are perfect for your children. Your love and your care is enough for them and there isn’t anything more they need. The time you take to keep them safe, fed, bathe, and loved are all they need. The values they witness, the qualities instilled in them are far more than what they could ever learn from anyone else. Give yourself a break. No one needs to tell you how you NEED to be. You are enough. You are their mother and that is the biggest gift you can give them ! 

xo, MM

  One thought on “What makes you so great? 

  1. March 4, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    this is a great encouraging post for moms! Being a mother is a hard job and its all your kids really need

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  2. tinawilsonnadler
    March 4, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    I remember when my 1st was a newborn. I was thinking I’d never get it all done! 8 years later, with now 4 kids, I’m like – what was wrong with me?? That was so easy back then! With each kid I get less patient and think I’m the worst mom ever for all the screaming. I also learn a lot as I go, use my instincts, and say to myself quite often – damn you’re good! I think we are always our worst critic, but as long as we know we’re trying, we’re also our biggest fan.

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    • March 4, 2017 at 7:00 pm

      Its so hard some days..like everything is falling apart at the seams so quickly..then there’s days when i feel like im superwoman and ive got it all covered, even the ones you wouldn’t think needed your attention. Ugh this mommy stuff breaks ya and builds ya right back up 10x stronger!

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