Hello and welcome!

My name is Maria Hernandez. I am a motherhood, parenting, and life-experience blogger. I hope you’ll stay a while!


I had wanted to find an outlet for the craziness that lingers in my head. From crazy stories of my childhood, to my relationships as a child and into my adult years, to the chaotic and fun moments that come with mommying and parenting three.


My children ( Apollo, 8 / Artermis, 2 / Cassiopeia, 1) are my world. They make everyday an interesting one, to say the least. My husband builds robots, and one day I will have my very own robotic help to do the house chores. We recently got married, after eleven years and three kids. It was the most wonderful wedding, I could have ever imagined.

With this blog, I hope to inspire whatever light is in you, make you laugh with my daily screw-ups as a mom, make you cry because sometimes there are tears that mark these words you read, have you relate however you feel, and may be take something from what I share with all of you. I want to be able to share with the world how insanely, amazing it is to be a mom and then some. I want the world to know that while marriage is a battle on its own, it flourishes in ways you’ll never see in anything else. I want you guys to be able to say, “if she can be ok with making these mistakes, and being so honest and raw about it, then i’m doing just fine as a mom/dad”, BECAUSE YOU ARE! Parenting is not easy, mommying is the toughest job in the world. “It takes a village to raise a child.” Being in a relationship, of any type, is constant work. Two very different people, even with commonalities doesn’t make life easier.. not always. Life in general is a bag of skittles, didn’t say what bag of skittles, but there are a ton of different types of “bag of skittles” these days. You just gotta try it and see which one works for you. Life may be straight forward, but it doesn’t mean you just gotta go straight. Enjoy the path, see what fun you can find along the path.